Awards & Press

Emmy Nomination

Outstanding Music For A Series (2006)

Grammy Award Winner

Best Latin Rock Alternative Album (2004)
Ozomatli, “Street Signs”
(Orchestral Arrangements)

Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Award

Best Original Score (2006)

Best Original Score (2004)
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

BMI Film & Television Music Award

Bad Moms (2017)
Sausage Party (2017)
The Boss (2016)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)
Ride Along 2 (2016)
Think Like a Man Too (2015)
Ride Along (2014)
Identity Thief (2013)
Think Like a Man (2013)
Revolution (2013)
Horrible Bosses (2012)
Hop (2011)
Alvin and the Chipmunks (2008)


Cinemusic Award Winner

Best New Composer (2002)
Clive Barker’s Saint Sinner

MovieMusic Award Winner

Best Score For Television (2003)
Clive Barker’s Saint Sinner

International Film Music Critics Association Award Winner

Special Award (2011)
A Symphony of Hope: The Haiti Project

‘Sausage Party’ Reviews

  • “I can’t help but be impressed at the sheer bravado and orchestral panache Lennertz shows in these cues. Majestic orchestral writing of this magnitude gets fairly short shrift these days, and it needs to be lauded whenever it appears.” – Movie Music UK

‘Identity Thief’ Reviews

  • “For Identity Thief the score works wonders by having a large amount of character infused into the score. You can feel a personality behind the music, not just the music’s own personality but the film’s characters’ personality…” – Film. Music. Media.

‘Revolution’ Reviews

  • “Lennertz subtly wrenches the soul in ‘Maggie Dies’ and gives us a hopeful lament as a comforting friend in our own difficult times…” – ScoreCues

‘Thanks For Sharing’ Reviews

  • Thanks For Sharing is a great score. It hits the emotional beats precisely when they need hitting. The film contains lots of source music and songs, which the score works hand in hand with. This may be a short score, but the journey is worth taking.” – Film. Music. Media.

‘From Russia With Love’ Reviews

  • “Lennertz has composed a great action score full of 60s flavour but also appropriate for a modern-game, with plenty of Barry quotes and many references to the Bond theme. If this ever gets a commercial release, get it!” – Score Wars

‘Gun’ Reviews

  • “One thing that stands out from the music is how energetic it is – and loud. Lennertz obviously threw himself at this, and with great results. It’s a full Western caper that is always on the move.” – Score Wars

‘Supernatural’ Reviews

  • “Starts off slowly… and then its bang zoom into the terror.” – Tom Kiefner, Golden Scores

‘Medal of Honor: European Assault’ Reviews

  • “It’s a testament to Lennertz’ talent that his output was so significant with this score that it left me wanting to hear so much more..” – , Score Notes

‘Medal of Honor: Rising Sun’ Reviews

  • “Lennertz has stepped up to the task… And has delivered. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is a welcome addition to the Medal of Honor game series.” – Mike Brennan,
  • “To say that this score is impressive is something of an understatement; it puts most modern film music to shame.” – James Southall, Movie Wave
  • “Christopher Lennertz has written an original score unlike any you will find elsewhere in the world of videogames.” – Colin Moriarty, IGN
  • “Continues the franchise’s tradition for high-quality, orchestral scores – suitable for even a big-budget feature film.” – Christopher Coleman,

‘Saint Sinner’ Reviews

  • Saint Sinner is an extremely accomplished effort that should satisfy fans of gothic horror film music. If you like your music dense, loud and tense enough to shed a few inches off your stomach lining.” – Ryan Keaveney,
  • “An ambitious score witha vast soundscape written for a large orchestra and mixed chorus.” – Peter Holm, Music from The Movies
  • “Probably as fine a horror score as you’re likely to come across these days.” – Tom Daish, Soundtrack Express
  • “Lennertz really gets a chance to stretch out and show us what he’s capable of.” – Dan Goldwasser, SoundtrackNet
  • “Wringing a gloriously bombastic score out of the 70-piece Budapest Film Orchestra and Chorus, this is a “choir and brimstone” score that reaches peakes of both transcendant spiritualistic beauty and malevolent darkness.” – Creature Corner

‘America!’ Reviews

  • America! showcases the skills of a composer seemingly equally adept at scoring corn fields as he is scoring crack house busts.” – Ryan Keaveney,

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