Christopher Lennertz Composer Bad Moms Christopher Lennertz composer Sausage Party


Saint Sinner

Directed by Joshua Butler
Produced by Clive Barker
Released by: Univeral on October 26, 2002

Album Details

Album released by La-La Land Records

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Track Listing

  1. Benedictus/Main Titles
  2. Repository II
  3. Angus Dei/Requiem
  4. Attack
  5. Tomas’ Theme
  6. The Repository/Evil Unleashed
  7. Adagio For The New World
  8. First Feast
  9. Oratorio Of Doom
  10. Too Late!
  11. Tomas’ Confrontation
  12. Dagger Of Nicodemas
  13. Waltz Of Demise
  14. Rachel’s House/The Cocoon
  15. Kyrie/Naraka
  16. Battle With Munkar
  17. Elegy For Tomas
  18. Dies Irae (The Return)
  19. Saint Sinner Quartet