Thanks for Sharing

Directed by Stuart Blumberg
Produced by Edward Norton
Released by: Lionsgate on September 14, 2013

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Album released by Milan Records

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Track Listing

  1. Thanks For Sharing Theme
  2. Hymn for Hope
  3. Adam and Phoebe
  4. Neil Struggles
  5. Meditation and Progress
  6. Dede Shares
  7. I’m Scared And I Need Help
  8. Sensory Overload
  9. Bike Ride
  10. Danny At AA
  11. Neil s Story
  12. Don t Take The Subway
  13. Turning Things Around
  14. Hopelessness
  15. Descent and Relapse
  16. Darkness
  17. One Day At A Time
  18. Theme for Four Celli
  19. Thanks for Sharing Suite